Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning

3 Seasons

The Strength and flexibility section will help condition your body and prepare you for the practice of Bharatanatyam. It is recommended that you do two modules of flexibility and strength every week in order to see progress and improvement. Each module addresses different areas of the body. It is recommended to vary the modules and also repeat. Always listen to your body and make sure you don't push yourself too far. It is ok to take breaks when needed and listen to your body

Please start with the beginner modules and work your way up to the more advanced modules so you stay safe and ensure your body does not suffer injury.

Strength and Conditioning
  • Introduction to Strength and Conditioning.

    Episode 1

    The Strength program works on the muscles that are necessary for a Bharatanatyam dancer. The requirement primarily lies in the Quadriceps and Gluteals, but it is necessary to balance the strength in other muscles so the joint is stable and efficient in movement. Each module will work on a combina...

  • Legs and core 1

    Episode 2

    The first Strength regimen concentrates on two primary areas. The core and the legs. These two areas are necessary to move efficiently in a Bharatanatyam practice. The stabilisation of core muscles is necessary to move safely when dancing. This protects our back and helps with speed and clarity. ...

  • Legs and Core 2

    Episode 3

    This 25 minute workout, concentrates on your legs and core muscles. It is part of the initial series of instructed videos that have verbal cues at every step. Please pause if you need to, and take a break where necessary. It has a very small portion that has explosive movements. There is an optio...

  • Obliques, flat backs and legs

    Episode 4

    This introduces the flat back and builds muscles in the back. It is recommended that you do this sequence after you lengthen your hamstrings to prevent your back from curving. It also introduces a lowering action on your quadriceps which will help build stronger legs.

    The flexibility series tha...

  • Arm Strength

    Episode 5

    This short set of exercises will help develop some stability and mobility around the shoulders to enable your arm movements to become controlled and precise when dancing.

  • Hip Stabilisers: Gluteals, rotators, adductors.

    Episode 6

    This works on all the muscles that stabilise at the hip joint. These muscles are needed to lunge with stability, squat with proper muscular engagement and also balance on one leg. These muscles will help the dancer develop stability while dancing and also prevent injuries in the process.

    You mu...

  • Core: Obliques and crunches

    Episode 7

    This video works on the core muscles through this video. You must be warmed up before doing this exercise regimen.

    The core exercises introduced previously in this strength series will help the student prepare for this regimen. You should not feel any pain in your neck or back when doing these ...

  • Jumping junges & Squat jumps

    Episode 8

    As your leg strength grows and develops, it is important to introduce jumps within established movement patterns so you begin to challenge your abilities. The transition from static holds to dynamic transfer must be slow and mindful.

    Please do this strength regimen after a proper warm-up and on...