Playlist 60: Strength and Stability

Playlist 60: Strength and Stability

A playlist that will challenge your strength and flexibility. Please ensure that you have covered previous playlists and exercise routines with sufficient repetition, before embarking on this one.

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Playlist 60: Strength and Stability
  • Musical Warm-up 2

    This Warm-up series reinforces ideas that have already been introduced in the previous instructed series. It is recommended to start on the musical warm-ups only once you have practised the instructed series over several months, so you already have internal awareness of alignment.

  • Hip Stabilisers: Gluteals, rotators, adductors.

    This works on all the muscles that stabilise at the hip joint. These muscles are needed to lunge with stability, squat with proper muscular engagement and also balance on one leg. These muscles will help the dancer develop stability while dancing and also prevent injuries in the process.

    You mu...

  • Jumping junges & Squat jumps

    As your leg strength grows and develops, it is important to introduce jumps within established movement patterns so you begin to challenge your abilities. The transition from static holds to dynamic transfer must be slow and mindful.

    Please do this strength regimen after a proper warm-up and on...

  • Intermediate: Challenge your legs

    This strength routine targets all the positions that we normally use in dance and mindfully repeats those positions through dynamic weight transfers, testing your stamina by pushing you to go through your full range every time.

  • Flexibility: Hamstrings and Hip flexors

    Length in the hamstrings and hip flexors enables the Bharatanatyam dance to find efficient movement in many adavus. This video goes through a series of stretches that can be practised after dancing or on a day when you want to work only on flexibility.

  • Flexibility: Ankles and calf muscles

    Mobility and flexibility in ankles are very important for a lot of movements in bharatanatyam. When there is tightness in the ankles, it may lead to injuries in the knees and hips. This video helps promote mobility in the ankles and calf muscles and must be practised after dancing or training, no...