Playlist 62: Alignment check in Naatadavu with strength

Playlist 62: Alignment check in Naatadavu with strength

There is a very clear connection between how we execute our Adavus and the strength that we need to do them with the expected aesthetic sensibilities. It is important to keep revisting our basics with renewed perspectives as we grow.

The bends sequence will help substantially with the Nātadavus. Try doing them one after another and see how it feels!

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Playlist 62: Alignment check in Naatadavu with strength
  • Warm up flow

    This routine approaches your warm-up in a fun, dynamic way. It opens up your body through repetition while paying attention to alignment. You must have been practising all the instructed warm-ups prior to this alongside the first few strength routines in order to follow with ease.

  • Intermediate: Strengthening the Bends

    While in movement, it is important to utilise the right muscles to bend so that we can keep our alignment integrity. The Raadha kalpa Method has the specific bends of Bharatanatyam analysed and practised in such a way that the student is able to distinguish between the various needs of the aesthe...

  • Naatadavu part 1

    "Naatu", means to stretch. The Naataduvus stretch either one of the legs at the knee, while the foot is in Anchitam. (flexed position) There are many different varieties of Naataduvus. They vary based on the choices made in torso movement and direction of stretch and arm positions.

  • Naatadavu part 2

    This is a continuation of Naataduvu Part 1. It deals with a few more varieties of Naataduvus

  • Naatadavu 3

    The third Naatadavu stretches the leg out to the front. If you are unable to keep your back straight when doing this, please refer to the flexibility section and practice the tips for forward bends and try again.

  • Naatadavu 4

    The 4th Naatadavu expects a little more stability in the body. Please practice any of the Strength sections that work on lunges and squats, to achieve a deep lunge in this Adavu.

  • Naatadavu 6

    If you are unable to get up from the Muzhumandi position on the beat in the 3rd speed, please revisit the leg strength exercises in the exercise section. Pay special attention to the side squats. Also practice the hip- opener exercises that are present in the flexibility section.

  • General mobility

    This is a great session to do on a day when you feel tight or sore. It opens up your body without expecting too much of it. You can also do it before you start a warm-up or after a strength or dance session. It is a session that is safe to practice early in the morning.