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Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method

Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method


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Strī Sthānas

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  • Purusha Sthāna

    Though the Sthānakās, or static positions for male and female characters are not limited to be used only by a specific gender, they are the building blocks for Karanas.

    There are 6 Sthanakas for male characters.

    Vaiśnavam samapādam ća vaiśakham mandalam tathā
    pratyālīdam matālīdam sthanān yethā...

  • Sthanas/ Positions used in Adavus

    Adavus have starting , transitory and ending positions. It is important to know, understand and embody these positions before embarking on Adavu practice. These positions are mentioned in the Natyashastra and Abhinaya Darpana with different names. The RK Method refers primarily to the Natyashastra.

  • Alignment in Adavus

    The video describes the various Sthanas that are used in the practice of Adavus and the right alignment and muscle engagement to ensure longevity and safety in practice.