Adavus : Instructions

Adavus : Instructions

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Adavus are the essentials of the practice of Bharatanatyam. They are the basic unit of movement They can be compared to words of a vocabulary. Adavus are a combination of Abhinaya hastas, Sthanakas and feet articulation with the floor, causing movement. They have a beginning and an end and extensively use the Araimandi and Muzhumandi positions in combination with the Aalidam, Pratyalidam and Vaishaka Sthanas.

We recommend that the student watches the instructions for the Aduvus, before commencing the practice of each Adavu set for at least a period of 5 to 6 months.

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Adavus : Instructions
  • Introduction to Adavus and classification

    Episode 1

    Adavus are the basic unit of movement in the Bharatanatyam vocabulary. The video discusses the logic of Adavu classification and the structure of an Adavu.

  • Arm positions in adavus

    Episode 2

    The video explains muscle engagement and visualisation to make your arms work with finesse and clarity. The premise of the Raadha Kalpa method is that the movement of the limbs must arise from the core. This video explains the logic of muscular engagement such that the arms are not disconnected f...

  • Sthanas/ Positions used in Adavus

    Episode 3

    Adavus have starting , transitory and ending positions. It is important to know, understand and embody these positions before embarking on Adavu practice. These positions are mentioned in the Natyashastra and Abhinaya Darpana with different names. The RK Method refers primarily to the Natyashastra.

  • Alignment in Adavus

    Episode 4

    The video describes the various Sthanas that are used in the practice of Adavus and the right alignment and muscle engagement to ensure longevity and safety in practice.