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Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method

Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method


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Bāhu bheda Shloka

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  • Udara bheda Shloka

    The stomach is considered one of the Upāngas, or minor limbs.

    The movements are used primarily to communicate meaning in the context of gesture.

    Please refer to the Shloka below for pronunciation. Please note that the separate movements of the head when put together in a Shloka form 'Sandhis', ...

  • Mandi 1st speed

    The Mandi Adavu gets it's name from the movement that involves the knee being placed on the ground alternately.

    It is very important to do the exercises that strengthen the legs substantially and do all the exercises for Araimandi for a long period of time before embarking on this Adavu.


  • Mandi Adavu Variations

    The Mandi adavu is named such because there is a small jump on the balls of the feet after which the knee is placed on the ground.

    Things to remember:
    - stay lifted as much as possible without sitting on the heels
    - keep pushing the thighs back and the heels forward to keep your muscles engaged...