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Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method

Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method


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Natyashastra & Abhinaya Darpana

Katī bheda Shloka


Up Next in Natyashastra: Angas & Upangas

  • Pādah bheda Introduction

    Explains the things to keep in mind when executing the foot movements. Please watch carefully before practising with the shloka.

  • Pādah bheda Shloka

    The feet are considered one of the Angas, or major limbs according to the Natyashastra.

    The movements of the feet are used not only for the precise control in the execution of Nritta but also to communicate meaning in the context of gesture.

    Please refer to the Shloka below for pronunciation. P...

  • Jānu bheda Introduction

    The introduction to the isolations of the knee. Some shlokas from subsequent literary texts were put together through Dr Padma Subramanyam's research to help understand the Nātyaśāstra better.