Repertoire: The Margam

Repertoire: The Margam

A collection of choreography that fits into the traditionally prescribed format of solo performance in Bharatanatyam.

Are typically the contents of a Bharatanatyam repertoire.

Repertoire: The Margam
  • Repertoire
    11 seasons


    11 seasons

    The Repertoire will include a Margam in the first series and subsequently include other choreography that has made its way onto the stage in Bharatanatyam performances. All the work will be choreographed by Rukmini Vijayakumar. The Repertoire is structured in such a way that it goes from basic an...

  • Pushpanjali

    Raaga: Aarabhi
    Composer: Dr Balamuralikrishna
    Choreography: Rukmini Vijayakumar

    The Pushpanjali is choreographed with many rhythmic layers. You will have an appending document that you can download to understand the Rhythm clearly.

    There is an added verse from the Ganesha P...

  • Jatiswaram: Part 1

    The first part of instructions for the practise of the Jatiswaram.

    Raga : Rasikapriya
    Adi Tala
    Composer : Lalgudi G Jayaraman

    The Jatiswaram will be taught in parts with detailing on rhythm and alignment.

    A Jatiswaram is traditionally performed after an Alaripu or Pushpanjali in a BHaratanaty...

  • Mishra Alaripu : Part 4

    The Alaripu is the first piece that anyone learns in Bharatanatyam as a student. Alaripu means to bloom. It begins with isolations of the head, shoulders, neck and then progresses into larger movement of the torso.

    This Alaripu is in the Mishra Chapu Tala with the 'Tirupugazh' sung at the backgr...

  • Tillana: Raga Vallachi

    Raga : Vallachi
    Adi Tala
    Composer: Dwaraki Krishnaswamy
    Choreography: Guru Narmada, (reinterpreted by Rukmini Vijayakumar)

    A Tillana is usually the last piece in the performance of a Margam. Adapted from the Tarana, of Hindustani music, the Tillana reflects the joy of finally reaching th...

  • Vandeham Sharadam

    Vandeham Sharadam

    Raga: Yamuna Kalyani
    Mishra Chapu
    Composer: Swami Dayananda Saraswati
    Choreography: Rukmini Vijayakumar
    Language: Sanskrit

    It describes Goddess Saraswati, the embodiment of knowledge, speaking of how the knowledge of the self is revealed to those who have clarity of thought, a...

  • Varnam, "Adi Shivane" : Introduction

    Varnam, "Adi Shivane"

    Raga: Todi
    Adi Tala
    Composer: K.N.Dandayudapani Pillai.
    Choreography: Guru Narmada (Jathis) , Adapted by Rukmini Vijayakumar
    Language: Tamil

    The Varnam speaks from the perspective of a Nayika that is longing to see Lord Shiva.

    This introduction will go through the meani...

  • Playlist 54: Vasantha Jatiswaram

    8 items

    As we progress into the third year of the online program, we are changing concentration to repertoire for the next couple months. Repertoire will be introduced alongside lectures and theory, before we go back to strength and flexibility routines.

    Please make sure to continue with the strength a...