AUDIO of Jathiswaram: Raga Rasikapriya

AUDIO of Jathiswaram: Raga Rasikapriya

The second piece that is traditionally presented in a Margam is a Jatiswaram. A Jatiswaram is named as such because it is a combination of a Jathis and Swarams. It begins with a Jathi typically followed by the Pallavi, Anupallai and Charanams, to which multiple Korwes are choreographed.

This particular Jatiswaram was first choreographed by Guru Narmada and subsequently re-choreographed by Guru Rukmini retaining the essence of the earlier choreography of Guru Narmada. This is typically the first Jatiswaram that is taught to any student learning in the Raadha Kalpa Dance school.

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AUDIO of Jathiswaram: Raga Rasikapriya
  • Jatiswaram Introduction

    The introduction to the Jatiswaram

    Raga : Rasikapriya
    Adi Tala
    Composer : Lalgudi G Jayaraman

    The Jatiswaram will be taught in parts with detailing on rhythm and alignment.

    A Jatiswaram is traditionally performed after an Alaripu or Pushpanjali in a BHaratanatyam performance, a combination of...

  • AUDIO of Jathiswaram in Raga Rasikapriya

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