Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method

Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method

3 Seasons

The series will have videos that explain the Raadha Kalpa Method. The series will deal with the practical considerations of Training and Practice and also include talks on motivation, vulnerability and balance within a work scenario. The the myths of training and the basics of nutrition will also be addressed.

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Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method
  • Introduction to Abhinaya

    Episode 1

    The Raadha Kalpa Method has a systematic progression of developing imagination in the student. It is a pedagogy researched and developed by Rukmini through her own practise and training. These videos will help the student with tools to develop their imaginative sphere and in turn their creativity...

  • Imaginary objects

    Episode 3

    Why are imaginary objects important when we emote as Bharatanatyam dancers? What role do they play in our performance?

  • The Imaginary space

    Episode 2

    Developing the ability to create an imaginary space is integral to being a Bharatanatyam performer. How does one do that?

  • Constructing an Imaginary object

    Episode 4

    How does one create an imaginary object and interact with it in performance? How does this tactile handling of an object change the experience of performer and viewer?

  • Constructing an Imaginary space

    Episode 4

    It is important to create an imaginary space that one can interact with and respond to. How does one do that? Find the first steps to doing that in this lecture.

  • Creating an Imaginary person

    Episode 6

    How does one create an Imaginary person that they can interact with? What do we use from our own lives for this to happen? The first steps in creating an Imaginary person.

  • Qualities of an Imaginary person

    Episode 7

    How do you infuse an imaginary person with qualities? Can we develop the ability to react to an imaginary person that exists within our imagination?

  • The Imaginary person and space

    Episode 8

    How does one place an Imaginary person in space? How does this affect our response and our performance?

  • The Imaginary world and Abhinaya

    Episode 10

    What does the Imaginary world do to Abhinaya? How are they interdependent?

  • Questions when exploring character

    Episode 11

    The background work that we do on a character that we play is very important. When we play a character it becomes very important for us to ask all the necessary questions. Even if these details are not literally conveyed to the audience, these small details will influence the choices that we make...

  • The idea of conflict

    Episode 11

    A story, a film, a novel, are all made of smaller scenarios and scenes that propel it forward. How does conflict play a role in this? Why is conflict necessary in every story?

  • Building an imaginary character

    Episode 13

    Once the work of analysis is done, there are many steps before one can manifest this imaginary sphere with conviction. How do we build this imaginary character?