Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method

Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method

2 Seasons

The series will have videos that explain the Raadha Kalpa Method. The series will deal with the practical considerations of Training and Practice and also include talks on motivation, vulnerability and balance within a work scenario. The the myths of training and the basics of nutrition will also be addressed.

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Practice and Training: The Raadha Kalpa Method
  • Diet and Nutrition

    Episode 6

    What kind of diet must a dancer follow? How does one balance nutrition in order to stay healthy and active?

  • The Perks of waking early

    Episode 4

    How does one commit to practise consistently? What are the benefits of waking early?

  • Cross Training

    Episode 5

    Many people are of the perception that dance is so comprehensive that there is no need for any other type of exercise.This thought process causes a lot of injuries. This short video explains why cross training helps dance

  • Working alone

    Episode 1

    As artists, especially as solo performing artists, we spend most of our time alone in a studio. How does one work for hours on end in solitude?

  • Motivating oneself

    Episode 2

    How does one motivate oneself to practise continuously? Maintain a routine and regimen?

  • Finding freedom in your dance

    Episode 3

    In a dance form that has so many rules and specific aesthetic requirements, how is it possible to be free? Can one dance without thinking about rhythm, precision in movement? How does one achieve freedom in Bharatanatyam?

  • The right kind of flooring for dance

    Episode 8

    Does flooring affect how you dance? Do we need to think about the kind of floor that we dance on when practising?

  • Performance Day

    Episode 7

    What does one do on a performance day to get ready for the stage?

  • Steps to be a professional dancer

    Episode 9

    What must one do to dance full-time? How does one take dance as a full time profession?