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Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method

Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method


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Sarvalagujathi 2 : Instructions

Playlist 6 • 5m 47s

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  • Sarvalaghu Jathi 2

    This Jathi does not have an instructional video. The counts for all the Sarvalaghu Jathis are all in 4 counts primarily. There are small variations in this particular Jathi. Please watch the Tala Theory video after you learn the Jathi and try to analyse where the variations occur.

    Please keep ...

  • Talam: Lecture 2 , Speeds

    This short lecture deals with the idea of speeds in Rhythm. It explains how the number of syllables in a beat change, and how it affects movement choices.

    The speed we choose defines the number of syllables in a beat. The number of syllables will double with every increase in speed.

  • Asamyukta Hasta

    The Asamyuta hastas, as described in the Abhinaya Darpana are 28 in number.

    These Hastas are used as embellishments in adavus as well as to communicate meaning gesturally, The Viniyogas in the Abhinaya Darpana describe a number of possible gestural implications for each Hasta.

    Please refer to...