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Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method

Watch this video and more on The Raadha Kalpa Method


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Horse jump prep

Playlist 33 • 3m 15s

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  • Cat jump prep

    This series will deal with a number of short exercises that will help the student develop awareness and alignment when jumping. It must be done in combination with the strength exercises to have maximum benefit.

    Please commence this exercise only after doing hip openers, warming up your ankles, ...

  • Arm positions: Plank

    The positions of the arms are often neglected, without attention to the correct muscular engagement. This series will introduces various usages of the arms in exercises and Bharatanatyam and go through systematically how the position and engagement of muscles should be in each scenario.

    This vi...

  • Paraval Adavu 1

    Paraval literally means to spread. Some schools of thought also call the Paraval adavu, the 'Pakkadavu' as it moves to the side while sliding. Some others change the name based on the way the foot articulates with the floor. A few of the types of Paraval, can be referred to as Marditam adavau, as...