Alignment Essentials

Alignment Essentials

6 Seasons

This collection will introduce a number of short videos that will help the student understand the logic and basis of The Raadha Kalpa Method. It will have a number of series that deal with common issues like ankle pain, knee pain, araimandi etc. These exercises can be practised to target specific concerns that your individual body may have and can be used to supplement any of the other strength and flexibility videos that are already existent.

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Alignment Essentials
  • Turns: Introduction

    Episode 1

    Turning is an important part of dancing, and it is integral to precision when there is a change of direction and dynamics in adavus. Focus and core engagement is at the crux of turning and must be paid attention to.

  • Step & turn

    Episode 2

    The Step & Turn, explains how the mechanics of the first Bramari adavu works. It incorporates ideas of balance and focus adding an element to the first introduction on turns.

  • Turn variation

    Episode 3

    The 'Turn variation', explains the mechanics of a variation of the Bramari adavu often used in Bharatanatyam choreography. It is used even within existing adavus to change directions in choreography.